FAQ - Your Model Driver Renewal

Why are Sheilas' Wheels Broker Model Driver no longer offering car insurance?
esure's direct insurance business continues to remain a strong brand in the market place, and with continued growth a business decision has been made to concentrate on this growth and withdraw from the broker sector.

Do I need to advise my future insurers that you chose to not offer me a renewal?
Please be assured that this does not need to be disclosed as 'a refusal to offer insurance', as this is not a reflection of you as an individual but is a business decision.

Does this decision affect my current insurance policy?
No, your current Sheilas' Wheels Broker Model Driver policy will continue unaffected; you will be able to make changes and access your portal as normal.

I have an outstanding claim, who do I need to contact in future?
Your ongoing claim will continue to be dealt with by your current insurer until it has been closed.

Policy cover - how will my policy be affected by this change?
Renewal time is always a good opportunity for you to check that your insurance still meets your needs, and to shop around to make sure the insurance you choose is best for you.

What if I want to change my insurance cover?
If you want to make a change to your current policy prior to your renewal date you should contact us as usual on 0345 605 1763.

Do I need to send my Proof of No Claims Discount to my new insurer?
Yes. We will automatically send your No Claims Discount to you once your policy with us expires.