Car Hire Cover

Our cars are part of our everyday lives and we can’t imagine being without them. However if your car was stolen or you were involved in an accident and your car was declared a write-off, you may find yourself without a car for a period of time.

That would be a real inconvenience as we go about our busy lives and you may be left having to rely on others, or catching the bus or train.

Add our Car Hire Benefit to your policy and if your car is stolen and not recovered or written off, you will get a hire car for up to 21 days whilst we sort out your claim.

The Car Hire Benefit offers you the following:

  • Up to 3 weeks car hire while we sort out your claim.
  • Delivery of hire car to your home or work.
  • Car hire cover for all named drivers on your policy.
  • Easy to add on to new and existing policies.

Please note if we issue you with a settlement payment within this time, you must return the hire car within 48 hours of the payment being issued.

Please view our policy wording.

Terms and conditions apply